High School Chorus Period 5
To participate in High School Chorus, 7th/8th grade chorus is highly recommended, but not required.  Each student takes one graded vocal lesson per week, and chorus does count towards students' G.P.A.'s. Rehearsals take place every day over 3 shifts during 5th period: Girls, Boys, Mixed.  The entire chorus performs at concerts in December, March, and May, and participates in both Large and Small Group Contests.  Alternating every-other year are variety shows (required; additional acts are selected through audition) and musicals (encouraged but not required).  With adequate participation, Show Choir performs at contest and in concerts.  Finally, students may audition for All-State.

Starting 2nd Semester of High School Chorus 
(Displays 1/8/2013)
On Tuesday, January 15, we will start the 2nd semester of high school chorus.  Mr. Ackerman usually gives the students the 1st week to get settled in their new schedules.  Hopefully, vocal lessons will resume on Monday, January 21.  During the 1st week, students will sign up for new lesson times.  If the student wants to keep his/her lesson time, please let Mr. Ackerman know. 

The chorus is currently rehearsing the song, "Good Health, All Gathered Here!"  This song is a madrigal and comes from the Renaissance Period (1450-1600).  The chorus has never attempted this song, and it will be a challenge for the group.  The selection has very independent lines and uses a lot of "fa-la-la's." 

The ending of 1st semester in High School Chorus 
(Displays 1/8/2013)
As we approach the ending of the 1st semester of school, Mr. Ackerman will be having make-up lessons during the week of January 7-11.  It is important to attend 1 vocal lesson every week, and vocal lessons make up 1/5 of the chorus grade.  Also, attending required concerts is also essential in the overall chorus grade.  Attending concerts make up 1/5 of the chorus grade.