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Special Education

Newsela:  Articles, quizzes, questions, for all subject areas (has articles in Spanish, too).

IXL:    Has literacy, math, Spanish, social studies, and science.

Please send out login information to families.

10 Museums you can visit virtually

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr.

Storyline Online(always free): Books read out loud by authors / famous people


Scholastic: Day by day projects k-12

Audible: Free- Books read aloud K-12


Contact Tamara EnTin or Lori Swanson to access new books

Services for teens with Autism

Autism love to know Services for Teens

Free site

9 Best Apps and Sites to Improve Executive Function

Free reviews of a variety of apps and sites

Free Rice

Free Rice

Many subjects included in the three lines to the top right - including facts about the Coronavirus.

Mayo Clinic

10 tips for anger management

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Math TV

Kahn academy

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4 Weeks Tech Free PDF Packet - already translated - K-8

Audible: Free- Books read aloud K-12

Gr 3-5 Reading Packages

Ted-Ed Daily Lessons

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No Red Ink


(Even though the URL says middle school, the title is for middle or high school.) 


OWL Purdue


Audible Free-Books read aloud K-12


English 10 and 11 please check out your google classroom for stories and poetry links from My Perspectives!

The team will send a few options each week

Social Studies

Ted-Ed Daily Lessons


Library Of Congress

Crash Course YouTube Channel


Scholastica Travel

National World War One Museum

Pear Deck Weekly Wonders



Mr. Harker will push out additional materials on google classroom

Science 9

See Google Classroom for enrichment opportunities

Science World Magazine

The science team will decide how they will push out articles to students that need an offline option.



Students already have a login for this.


Experimental Chemistry

The instructor is reaching out to each student to personalize the enrichment for each student. 

High School Band

Smart Music: (Band) Enrichment opportunity created, students can login to find the practice materials.


High School Band

IPS:(Band) Interactive Music Studio (use with Tradition Of Excellence bk 2)

Kevin can push out an app to the students. Students will need the code from their lesson book (see info below)

Message sent to students by email on March 19th:

 “Even though we are not in

school students can continue to grow as a musician by playing every day. There is a great resource that is

included with the lesson book. Inside the back cover of the lesson book, there is information about

software (Kjos Interactive Practice Studio) that can be downloaded and used (for free). The software has playalong

recordings to go with every song in the lesson book. I find that playing with these recordings is

much more fun than practicing alone. The software can be used on a computer, iPad, or tablet…maybe

even phones.”

HIgh School Chorus

High School Band

Music Theory

High School Chorus 

High School Band


High School Chorus

High School Band

Dr. Tim Lautzenhiser (wise words and ideas for chorus and band members)

High School Chorus
High School Band

Virtual Gigs

High School Chorus

High School Band

National Association of Music Makers/Making


Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV


Please view the 

Art Opportunities

CGD Visual Arts

Website for Covi19- Opportunities


PE Central

PE Central

Kids Health

Kids Health

Open Phys Ed

Open Phys Ed

Business/Alternative School


Online Keyboarding

Introduction to Business

Intro. To Bus. eBook

Continue reading starting with Ch. 13

Financial Accounting

Cengage Learning

We will meet in Zoom class at 2 PM starting Monday, March 30, 2020

Introduction to Computer Science 1 and 2


Continue working on your modules. 

Alternative School


Continue work on your Plato courses.

Team/Content Area





Iowa Ag Literacy Foundation

K-12 lessons so share with the younger individuals in your family.  You could become the teacher. 

National and State FFA

Many informative and inspirational videos under the video tab. 

Find your future in Career Exploration

Your FFA number, contact Mrs. Charlson at


Building a Garden

No time like the present to start growing your own food!  If you need seeds let me know or you can purchase plants. Start laying out your design and once it warms up you can plant. 

Industrial Tech





Autodesk University

(Autodesk makes AutoCAD)  Videos on using the software more efficiently.  

Solid modeling software that can be downloaded and used on your phone.


Woodworking for Mere Mortals

(Instructional videos for projects including material selection, project planning, and processes)

Popular Woodworking

(Project ideas, Tips, advice, tools and lots of good information)

Arch Drafting

Virtual Tours of a variety of places across the globe.

Sort the tours by architecture.  Note the elements and principles of design. Have fun exploring

Conceptual Mfg

Solid modeling software that can be downloaded and used on your phone.


Quick review with animation of how engines work

Not engine related, but covers automotive electrical system and DC electronics

Two Articles on how engines work and how modern engines have evolved with technology to meet the fuel and emission standards of today


Fashion, Art & Design

Embroidery Stitching

NO SEW t-shirt bag

Try some embroidery on a shirt or pair of jeans!

Grab a t-shirt and give it a try!

-Child Care & Dev.

Child Development Activities

Parenting Info.

This provides a large variety of activities for you to access and further your knowledge of children, parenting and child care.

Videos & articles to access.

Adult Living

How to….

Here is a collection of adulting “How tos” to address an envelope, fold a fitted sheet, wrap a gift, read an analog clock and  more! Give them a try!

Basics of Baking Food & Nutrition

Cooking & Baking Activities

Lots of fun cooking &  baking challenges, tips and baking information for you to try.

10th Core


.Now is a great time for all of us to practice budgeting!  Here’s a how to and some practical activities.